Angela Chen



Angela's work in social media management and content curation for luxury and fashion brands has taken her all over the world, but she's always happy to be home in New York. At Plural, she coordinates and executes campaigns while leading content production.

Marina Gunn



Marina has a wealth of experience in digital marketing and public relations with specific focus on food, fashion, tech. At Plural, she coordinates and executes campaigns while leading our monthly measurement reports.

Fletcher Rowe



Fletcher has helped brands, personalities, and organizations utilize social media effectively to increase awareness and impact. At Plural, he coordinates and executes campaigns while monitoring engagement.


Sury Valdez

business strategy intern


Sury is currently studying International Business at CUNY and joins the Plural team as a Business Strategy intern. She has a heavy passion for traveling and as a nomadic enthusiast, she can’t help but confess that despite all her travels, “nothing quite comes close to New York City—especially to Queens.”


Matt Solnick


Matt is an all purpose creative. Whether it’s being hands on with a camera, or planning content strategy in business meetings, he loves the rush of working on exciting new projects. At Plural, he develops and executes video content for our partners.

Kyle Rice

graphic designer

Kyle Rice is a Multidisciplinary Designer, with experience in web, print & business. He has traveled all over the country, absorbing design strategy with an open and curious mind. At Plural, he handles internal and external design work with an aim to minimize clutter, design cohesive identities and build systems beyond the traditional.


Briana Sebring

community managment intern

Bri has worked in retail management for several years where she learned how to build meaningful, lifelong relationships between consumers and the brands they love. As a Community Management Intern here at Plural, Bri engages directly with people on social media with an aim to inspire brand loyalty and cultivate personal investments between our partners and their audiences.

Daniel Plenge

founder + creative lead


Daniel has led digital strategies + execution for brands in the luxury and beauty verticals for over ten years. He founded Plural in 2016 and now takes the lead on creative direction and business development.